Dipsy Does Catwalk: Bobby Abley SS18 Catwalk Review

Today saw the hard-work of London-based designer Bobby Abley, on the LFWM SS18 catwalk. Abley’s collection provided some well needed fun after the stress of the snap election that we all had to endure – whether we wanted to or not. Abley took spectators on a trip down memory lane by taking inspiration from beloved children’s TV programme, the Teletubbies.


Backstage was an energetic affair with multicolour ribbons flying about and Dipsy (the green member of the Teletubby family) preparing himself backstage for his catwalk debut. Backstage dressing assistant, Oliver Francis, said “I really love how Bobby is able to combine childhood motifs whilst also managing to reference important political topics. Look 19 and 22 are brilliant examples of making the audience and industry professionals think about the free movement of people and immigration which is such a hot topic at the moment!”. The aforementioned looks are both colours of a British passport, with Look 19 also featuring the ePassport symbol.

(Image source: Vogue Runway)

Alongside colourful Teletubby-like wigs, many of the models also carried coloured teddy bears which were bound by black leather, made to look like bondage. This juxtaposing union of a childhood toy and a sexually explorative fetish perfectly showcases the provocative nature of Bobby Abley. While some may argue that Teletubbies and sexually bound teddy bears are explicitly unfashionable, Bobby Abley could not care less.


Words By: MeeMee White