Father’s Day is approaching but mum’s still the favourite

Recent stats reveal mum is twice as popular and gets more expensive gifts

Yes or no, gin or wine, Tinder or Happn; dilemmas are never easy. However, today I can help you with the long-time decision of mum versus dad, because it’s official, mum’s the word.

Quite literally, according to a recent survey by retail data analyst company Global Data, the phrase Mother’s Day receives twice as many internet searches as Father’s Day. One in ten of those surveyed also forget to buy their dad a card.

Hold on, it gets worse before it gets better. British online retailer Onbuy.com decided to find out how much Brits actually spend on the man who provided half of their genes – in my case, a pair of gigantic feet and an unhealthy love of late-night snacks, although the latter is yet to be proven – and it’s a mere £16.40.


If you were holding out for that silver lining, here it is. The survey also discovered that dads puts less value on material objects and prefers to be given an experience gift in order to spend more time with their family.

So, what can you buy under £17 that’ll delight your dad? Happy you asked, here’s our Father’s Day gift list!

By Almara Abgarian
Featured image courtesy of Frangipani