Q&A with BeBargoni.com blogger, Tessa Silcock

With more than 10K followers on Instagram, Tessa Silcock is the promising blogger behind BeBargoni.com, a fashion, fitness and lifestyle website based in London.
Seen her strong passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, Tessa has been successful in building an ever-growing web of sponsors, including the country famous Protein World and emerging brands of healthy-food. Her social media fans grow everyday, together with the readers of her blog, a polished, Chelsea-style website.

Today we are in conversation with her, to know a bit more about the making of a blogger, her life and her thoughts about contemporary fashion.

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Paola Giusti: Could you start telling us a bit about yourself?

Tessa Silcock: I grew up in the countryside but moved to London for university and work. I studied at University of West London, Condé Nast College and London College of Fashion while building my blog and online presence.

PG: When and why did you decide to become a blogger?

TS: I sort of fell into it, it may sound cliché, but I was just inspired by everyone in London so much that I started to photograph looks that I liked and posting them onto my Tumblr & Polyvore accounts. Then, my brother told me to start up a blog and I really got into it.

PG: What is the thing you love the most about being a blogger/blogging?
TS: The feeling of completing a post that I’m proud of, shortly followed by someone reading it and saying they loved it. It literally makes me feel on top of the world!

PG: The name of your blog is quite unique, can you tell us more on that account?

TS: Bargoni is just a word my dad told me he heard used once. I immediately thought it was a stunning word that sounded like something with a certain quality. It intrigued me. As there is no rightful definition to it, I gave it the definition of my blog – Bargoni is an individual with the mindset of contentment, an image of success and a body with ever-improving health. My blog is called BeBargoni and it’s dedicated to helping you become ‘Bargoni’.

PG: How does your regular blogging day work?

TS: Each day is different.
If I have been sent some blogger mail, then I’ll create social media coverage for the brand and a vlog for my blog. The vlog takes much longer than you think to make! Many takes, the editing, and finishing touches take me to the end of the day quite quickly.
If I don’t have any meetings or commitments planned, I’ll definitely create my own blog post on a topic that I think is relevant to the season or an experience I’ve recently had, whether it’s an exhibition, a restaurant, a brand or a holiday destination I want to talk about. I let everyone know on social media what I’m doing and often companies will reach out to be included in the piece.


PG: What is fashion for you and where do you take your inspiration from?

TS: Fashion to me is a vibrant, relentless world that you can either be intimated by (and a lot of people are) or you can join in with and have some fun.
I get inspiration from Vogue or Porter magazine, Tumblr, Instagram and I always wander around Harrods – partly for the items, but more so to see the people. There is so much going on and it every single person who I see in there has a story and I like to guess what it is.

PG: How would you describe your personal style?
TS: Clean cut, classic and comfortable.
PG: What is the current fashion trend that you’d think the most unfashionable? And why?

TS: This may sound very old fashioned of me – but the see through tops with a netted design are too much for me. When I go to clubs, I stick to the ‘legs, cleavage OR stomach’ rule.
There is a huge difference between sexy and not classy, and I just think it looks like you’re trying too hard when your top is completely see through.

PG: And what is the fashion faux pas that you secretly enjoy, and why?
TS: Denim on denim either looks awesome or a total disaster. But when it looks good, it’s one of my favourites for sure! Miranda Kerr rocks that look.

PG: A thing that could never be missing from your wardrobe?

TS: My over the knee boots from Stuart Weitzman. They are the most incredible item I’ve ever owned. They are so sexy paired with a black skirt and black jumper; that is my ‘can’t be bothered’ outfit when I go out. It looks smart but is simple at the same time. Plus, I’ve never worn them without a guy or a girl complimenting how they look.

PG: Where do you see yourself and your website in five years?

TS: I think about this question pretty much everyday and it’s not good because I’m a constant planner and I feel lost if I don’t have a plan.
I know it’s important not to have unrealistic expectations, but I’d ideally like to have left London and moved back to the countryside. Within an hour drive to London though. I’d also like to be married and maybe with a child on the way. I’d like my blog to be very successful and well-known by big brands such as Chanel and Chloé which are amongst my favourites. I’d also like to have my own online boutique as a separate side to my website. I’ve always loved designing clothes for myself and finding new brands I’d never heard of, so it would be amazing to combine the two.The last thing, I’d love to have written a book, I’ve been working on my proposal recently and I have my fingers crossed that it will be a success! Writing is my therapy so I will never stop doing that.

By Paola Giusti