Unfashionables presents: Their Royal Highnesses, The Rooftop Bars.

Summer in London is fantastic. Warm weather, cycling in the parks, sightseeing as a tourist, and beautiful skyline pictures taken from a rooftop bar. Wait, skyline pictures from a rooftop bar? How cliché. Or maybe not.


Here at Unfashionables, we strive for originality, it’s in our DNA, and in our name.

Radio Rooftop Bar, Madison Terrace, and Rumpus Room are charming, surely. But they are always there, 365 days a year.
So, this summer, why not try choosing something different, in town just for some weeks? Something that would make your friends stop lazily scrolling their Instagram feed to curiously google that cool place she has been to.

So download VSCO or any other app to edit pictures, because this rooftop bars are promisingly social media worthy.

Here are our favourites:


Midnight Apothecary at The Brunel Museum

Lottie Muir, or as she likes to be known The Cocktail Gardener, is the woman behind this rooftop bar, in every way. She designed and opened the rooftop garden and the bar, while also creating the recipes for the extravagant cocktails.
Right in the middle of Canada Water, ten minutes walking from Bermondsey tube station, the location is a botanical dream of flowers and small bonfires where plant-infused cocktails and a tête- à-tête with nature find their natural habitat (pun not intended).

With cocktail names like Bloody Rosemary, edible flowers decorations and locally sourced spirits and brews, this rooftop bar is the go-to location for a night out of the city centre.
But there is more. If, by chance, you find yourself quite tired of cocktails and nature, the Brunel Museum offers free tours of their Thames Tunnel, the first in the world to be underneath a river.

And if you are not convinced yet, just know that marshmallows are complimentary and you can roast your own however you like. Limitless.

Most promising review: Chantal – Something different and worth checking out especially on a summer evening.

Until: End of September 2017
Admission: entry tickets (from £5) are available at: https://midnightapothecary.designmynight.com/ 58b47042d5c5887d1cbe6fa7/midnight-apothecary


Bangarang at Queen of Hoxton

Queen of Hoxton is a well known and popular venue for all the Shoreditch aficionados, so including it in our list must mean that something huge is going on.
Whether you identify more with the sweet Wendy Darling, the naughty Tinkerbell, or the carefree Lost Boys (Captain Hooks are only welcome if they promise to be good), Bangarang at the last floor of the Queen of Hoxton is the summer place to be.

A running waterfall and seashell shaped furniture make the perfect Blue Lagoon (mermaids not included, unfortunately) where to enjoy a Neverland themed cocktail and funny named food.
From the dainty Tinkerbell cocktail decorations to the pirate-ship shaped BBQ, everything is very much inspired from the magic land of the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.

Second star to the right and straight till morning, or you could just take the Tube, the closest stations being Liverpool Street and Old Street.

Most promising review: VJ – Rooftop is what this place is about. Love it. Great spot on a summer evening. Gets super packed but still a good spot to hang out.

Until: September 2017
Admission: no entry tickets needed, just pop up and hope there’s no queue (or crocodiles)!


Pergola on the Roof

Summers in the Hamptons don’t come cheap, whether you’re American or British. So rejoice, this season it is a little bit easier to feel like an Upper East Siders, thanks to this rooftop bar right in the middle of White City.
A roof full of roses, that could totally be the name of a new Coldplay song, frame the Instagram worthy location, whose white wooden settings and tropical palm trees bring you straight to Long Island without the price tag of an international flight.

This american-style refuge hosts kiosks from four popular restaurants in London, including the city’s favourite Patty & Bun, and with wine glasses starting from £5 there’s no reason not to get a little bit tipsy this summer (looking more relaxed in pictures as well, but that’s another story).
With 600 seatings and five 13-people day bed, there is no need to worry if some of the dates are sold out, since there’s plenty of space to accommodate half of London in the 22 weeks of opening. Who said that summer’s only for the West Coast?

Ps: Pergola has another, more central, location in Paddington if you don’t feel like hopping on the Central Line in the torrid weather.

Most promising review: A – The place is beautiful, the drinks are well priced and the staff are really down to earth. This is one of my favourite places in London now.

Until: 1st October 2017
Admission: no entry tickets needed, but better book a table (only for 4+ parties)!