It’s Not Easy Being Lean

This week the unfashionables meet Tiana and Olivia. After 2 years of paying £30 per month for a gym membership that they hardly use, we try and find out if the gym is really all it’s cracked up to be. These two best friends give their honest opinion of why they find it so hard…

Get loose in nature

Ibiza meets the gym at LoveFit, the UK’s first boutique music & fitness festival.

Father’s Day is approaching but mum’s still the favourite

Recent stats reveal mum is twice as popular and gets more expensive gifts Yes or no, gin or wine, Tinder or Happn; dilemmas are never easy. However, today I can help you with the long-time decision of mum versus dad, because it’s official, mum’s the word. Quite literally, according to a recent survey by retail…

Logo T-shirts are back!

And why sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to spend more than £200 on a t-shirt (no matter what your friends might say).